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Did my boyfriend set me up or am I paranoid?

I was at my boyfriends apartment last night. I have a key. He got home late from work. I was on the couch and he almost immediately started kissing and touching me which was fine. He took me into the bedroom and we started having sex. A couple of things happened that I thought were odd. He was telling me to moan louder which he's never said before. I mean I think I moan pretty loud. He was making no noise and usually he does. I heard a noise in the apartment and stopped him, he said it's nothing.
When we finished I got up grabbed my t-shirt and was going to the bathroom when I saw three of his friends sitting in the living room. They scared the crap out of me and I had to quickly take my t-shirt and try to cover-up unsuccessfully. I noticed one of his friends put his phone in his pocket as soon as he saw me. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up then went back to the bedroom and told my boyfriend that his friends are in the apartment. He said that one of his friends had a key. I've been dating him for 10 months and have had a key to his apartment for 6 months and he never mentioned a friend having a key and that friend has never just popped in like that.
I don't know if I'm paranoid but I'm starting to think this was a set-up. That he gave a key to them and they came in knowing that we'd be having sex also that guy grabbing his phone makes me think that maybe he recorded it.
I told my boyfriend I thought this was whole thing was strange and he acted like I was crazy.
Do you think my boyfriend set me up? If so what can I do about it considering I don't have solid evidence?
Sorry this is so long.
Did my boyfriend set me up or am I paranoid?
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