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Is it too much to ask… would he feel like a rebound?

I turned 18 about 4 months ago and I have this totally hot friend (who is older) and I would like to kill two birds with one stone and lose my virginity to him AND get to have sex with him, but I do not want him to think I have feelings for him. I just think he's absolutely gorgeous and I want to have sex with him, nothing more. I am not expecting balloons and roses or whatever, just sex. But how can I tell him this without sounding like a complete asshole? And, I need to make sure he knows it's just a one time thing as well.

Some background info on him: we met a couple years ago, I know he finds me attractive, and I know he doesn't have feelings for me. He is outgoing and I feel like he wouldn't take it offensively or whatever if I do ask him. But, I know that there is some sort of hormone that makes people feel closer together after having sex but I feel like this won't be a problem for me seeing as I just intend to get this over with and am not interested in a long-term relationship any time soon, ( i got out of a 2 year relationship about a year ago.) Would he feel like he's being my (long delayed) rebound?

Thank you for any answers/advice!
Is it too much to ask… would he feel like a rebound?
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