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Why do you think he took them? How weird is it?

A couple of nights ago, I had a male friend over at my house and we ended up having sex. We had never done anything sexual before. The experience was nice and then something happened that I thought was weird. I'm going to be a little graphic here. When we were having sex my panties were pushed a little to the side. When he was about to finish, he pulled out on me. Most of it ended up on my stomach but a good amount was on my panties. I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up. I happen to like that pair of panties and planned on washing them. I knew he had to get going, so I put them on bathtub and I figured I'd take care of them after he left. As I was walking out of the bathroom he was walking in. I put some clothes on and went downstairs. After he left I went to grab the panties and they were gone. I am 100% positive I left them there.
Why would he take them? Is it some sort of fetish or trophy?
I was sort of thinking we could have a friends with benefits thing but now I'm not so sure.
Do you think it was weird that he took them?
Should I say something to him about it?
Why do you think he took them? How weird is it?
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