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Finding it hard to make peace with partner's sexual past?

I am having trouble making peace with my partners sexual past. We have been together for 15 months now and its only starting to bug me now the closer I get to him. I am 6 years older than him yet he has had more sexual encounters and experiences than I had by the time we started dating. It bothers me to think that the innocent, shy and pure/wholesome person I fell in love with were actually much more promiscuous than I ever were and ever thought he was! In fact he told me I was his first relationship but gradually he revealed to me that I was his second relationship and also he has had plenty of other sex partners one night stands etc before that- even with people he had no attraction to. It sickens me to think that other people have cuddled with him and spooned with him and shared what I thought was my special priviledge. On the other hand I also don’t feel special because I feel like he chose me also just for sex and not because of being in love- just as he never fell in love with the other partners he slept with. Another thought that burdens me is that he will cheat because he clearly does not (or did not before we met) share the same values as I have. To me sex was something special and to him it seems like it was something to be done for fun with anyone available. How do I get rid of the thoughts of him being with other people (some of these people I know) and also how do I feel special and unique.
Finding it hard to make peace with partner's sexual past?
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