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Should you address this? If so how? Is flirting cheating?

I once again have caught myself snooping on my boyfriend and i once again have caught him doing things. so i wonder? should i address the issue and how do i go about it?

Back in October we had some issues. A few months after that I noicted that we have been "drifting apart". I decided to snoop on him, which was bad on my part. BUT the thing is I found out that he had an account on something called MeetMe, and he was talking to girls and not just friendly conversation. He was telling them the looked good in their short shorts, etc. I ignored it. But just this past week, i snooped again. And found out he's on a site called flirtomatic. and his about me says "Not much to say I'm a horny pervert just looking for good times."

I'm positive he knows I know about theses sites because I've done things to hint to my presence on both (made a fake account for meetme, which he deleted afterwards, and canceled his flirtomatic account which he reinstated, and deleted all his conversations.)

which makes me ask, I know I'm wrong and have trust issues with snooping, and two wrongs don't make a right. BUT my gut instincts were right and he was doing things behind my back. So how do i address this?

He'll get mad at me for snooping, but he was doing wrong... I don't know but I'm ready for the onslaught of men (and women) calling me a psycho bitch and wrong and blah blah blah. Bring it.
Should you address this? If so how? Is flirting cheating?
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