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I don't know how I got so involved with this man?

I have been flirting on text with someone from highschool (decades ago). We had sex once, nothing else. 2 Christmas ago we reconmected on Facebook . And so it begun...

Started catching up over email, exchanged pictures, then started texting regularly. Initially I asked him to stop it bc he has a gf. He would go away for a couple of weeks and return to flirt again on text o messenger. Few days into the flirting on text, we would both realize it has to stop bc he has that gf and i was just getting divorced.

Well last Summer things escalated to Skype; now it was him the one feeling guilty and regretful the day after. So we interrupted communication for about 2 mo ths when he returned asking to chat again. Very quickly the flirting begins until he mentions again the gf. I get mad and ask. him to go away and return when he is single.

Last Christmas he returnes and said he wanted to b with me and was going to leave his gf. Well it hasn't happened. And im getting anxious about this. We talk almost every day on the phone and text, Skype occassionally.

Last week we decided to meet, but following several days of silence, he never showed up. I asked him what happened he said has was sick, and would text me again in a few days. He still has that gf.

I dont know how i got so involved with this man who obviously doesn't care about me. I can't believe he didn't show up last night. What the hell is going on here?

I know the whole gf thing should have been my red flag. But he seemed so sincere about his feelings for me. Please try not to judge me here.

My question is what is going on with this man, and how do i get over him, because yes, i miss talking to him and flirting and all that and wish we could b together but know he is in another relationship and clearly doesn't really want me.

Why does he do this? Just for fun? Just to watch me get my hopes up and then breaking my heart? How can this be?
I don't know how I got so involved with this man?
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