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Old friends with benefits /Crush suspicious motives?

Last year on my birthday we hit it off pretty good at a friends party. We talked for a few weeks but both decided to remain friends with benefits /kinda in a relationship but not really situation because he was moving out to Chicago to be closer with family (mom got remarried to another guy who lives in chicago both decided to move there). I decided this was going nowhere and I felt stupid for liking him and so I moved on. I dated this guy after for 8 months and he disappeared. So now a few weeks ago my old friends with benefits /crush and I began talking again. He has a girlfriend now for two months. (my ex and i got into fights because of him -ex was possessive-) He told me he really liked me still. Even with this new girl he wonders what could of been between us. He regrets not doing a long distance and feels sorry I was with a unstable boyfriend and felt he could of prevented that. (ex wooed me with gifts and spent loads of money winning my love but soon turns verbally abusive and disappears) He told me he planned everything ahead of time to meet me. And we did not meet in coincidence at all. He confessed everything to me saying he wanted to tell me sooner but did not want to break a seemingly perfect relationship. He said he will come down for summer and take me out. However even though he attempts to get flirty and dirty I refuse due to he isstill with this ggirl. I am wary of his motives. and if he is lying.
Old friends with benefits /Crush suspicious motives?
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