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Girls: Attraction to someone you know, versus strangers?

So we're different in many ways, and this is an effort to figure out one of them.

So us guys - and guys can chime in and say if I'm wrong - are generally attracted to women, regardless of their relationship or significance to us.

We are attracted by a woman's "assets": tits and ass, legs, genitals, etc. and are aware of that attraction, pretty much equally whether the woman is someone we know or someone we have never met.

Women, based on the responses to a lot of questions I've read on here, are *more likely* to find men and their "assets" more attractive if they are romantically involved or otherwise connected with that man.

For us men, when our libido is active (most of the time to some extent), and we see a woman that is attractive to us, experience pleasure. Endorphin's, hormones or whatever enter our brain and we literally feel better: we feel happier, more excited, etc.

Girls: from what I've heard over the years, you know if a guy is attractive (of course!) and you'll notice this out in public.

But I'm not clear on whether you'll become physically aroused and pleased like we do.

Care to help fill in the blanks?
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Thanks for the thoughtful answers. I think this difference is important (at least to me) in understanding our differences.
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Also, my response to 'XRabbitHeartX' below is really intended for anyone that wants to respond to it. Please do if you have any insight!
Girls: Attraction to someone you know, versus strangers?
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