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How should I drop this friend/ friends with benefits?

I've had this guy friend/ friends with benefits for awhile. I've kept myself pretty emotionally detached, but I have my moments of irritation, mostly because for as much as he claims I'm a friend, his attitude toward me is incredibly spotty. There are times it feels that he just sees me as a convenience factor on the friend front and only puts forth effort when he thinks we'll hang out.

The way I look at it, if he can't treat me decently as a friend, no more goods for him. I've grown tired of how he claims he wants to hang out, but when he gets around to making plans, he sometimes flakes. Or he gives me all this dumb shit reasoning but turns around and has time for everyone and everything.

The friend side of this sucks and I don't feel he should have access to the goods, either. It just adds insult to injury and I feel his inconsideration has escalated because of my ability to be considerate toward him. I dislike how his actions say more than his words and he just seems to think that's fine.

As of recently, his behavior became incredibly unacceptable when he blatantly treated me as if I were some piece of ass. He's never done that before and it's like it's the last straw. Especially when he recently started being very vague about his life and all that. This all started after we hooked up last time, so I'm not sure what his problem is so suddenly.

That said, I'm ready to drop him. I've had his text notifications turned off on my phone for awhile. Honestly, I just want to drop him all together as in block from social media, and delete his number.

I'm not sure if I should face him, since he's stupid at conflict and will talk in circles and act clueless to get out of responsibility, or just drop him without another word.

I want to be the adult about it and talk to him, but I'm not sure if it's worth it.

How should I best handle this?
How should I drop this friend/ friends with benefits?
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