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Girls, can you rate these guys' butts?

Below are a few pictures of guys' butts. I want to see what girls would rate them. A few of them are naked, just a warning.

Each pic should get two ratings, each out of 10.

One for how big it looks to you (higher is bigger)

One for how much you like it (higher is better)

imgur. com/RPi2njq. png

imgur. com/pozZs6p. jpg

imgur. com/oPQnU5L. png

imgur. com/2O2qeML. png

imgur. com/FamYzxe. jpg

imgur. com/L4pkpCz. jpg

imgur. com/fNvkTGw. png

imgur. com/PBVxGg0. jpg
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Okay, so apparently the links got messed up, because GaG's software auto corrupts links. You could just delete the spaces to make it work.
Girls, can you rate these guys' butts?
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