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He is just not that interested?

have been dating/ seeing this guy for three months.. we talked every day for a while, but mostly it was me initiating the conversation. I think a girl knows when a guy is not interested, after a while I stopped initiating and we stopped talking all together.

after two weeks I wrote him: You could of been man enough to tell me that you are not interested, I assure I would of survived ;)

he replied: ow but I am interested in you, but I don't like relationships, I think you are a very attractive woman

I replied: but who said anything about relationship

he said: nobody, but who said anything about me not being interested

I said: I don't want to play game like this. If you would be interested you would of made sure that I know it.

he said: yes you're right, and then after a while he said sorry

now I don't know what to make of it.. I didn't reply again because I simply don't know what to reply and what he was sorry for.. for not being interested?
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sorry for what: if he was sorry for not being interested or sorry for not showing me that he is, but it's been a week and not a word came from him since he said he was sorry. so I don't know if he thinks I am mad or if he is not intereste
He is just not that interested?
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