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I miss my ex friends with benefits so much?

I started casually sleeping with a friend in mid January. We'd previously had a one night stand about 2 months prior. Over the duration I started to get feelings for him. Cliché I know. He wasn't like what the stereotypical casual f**k buddy is. He would text every day, phone loads and we would hang out a lot.

I have a weird self preservation thing. I was hurt really badly about 3 years ago and I have real trouble letting my guard down with men. Part of me thinks they will always hurt you so better get in there first.

A group of us went out for his birthday, where he was flirting with some girl all night. Meanwhile some guy who was also out told me that my friend had described me as sure thing. I was so angry/upset, I went to go confront my friend but he'd left with that girl. I called him and said he was a d**k. I didn't expect to feel as heartbroken as I did. The next day we agreed to stop sleeping together.

It also turns out he didn't describe me as a 'sure thing'. I should have realised he wouldn't say something like that. All of my friends were really surprised this happened as they thought we were good for each other. He also told me that he asked the friend out on a date after that night but she turned him down. He said being rejected always hurts.

I miss him so much. I don't miss sleeping with him really, though obviously that was nice. I just miss him being around, and being in touch with him. Do I tell him how I feel? Leave it?

Please don't lecture me on the dangers of friends with benefits. I know this already.
I miss my ex friends with benefits so much?
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