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Why would a guy do this? Is he getting back at me?

So me & my guy friend have been having phone sex and sexual contact while he was away for 7 months he recently got back and we hooked up (no sex was his idea). A couple days later we got into an argument of sorts were he really pissed me off. I ended up messaging him an apology message for getting pissed and to try and resolve things he ignored it. It's been over a week since then.

I sent a snapchat out to everyone last night in which he replied which was a surprise as we haven't spoken since, I told him never mind and his response was oooookay I then sent him a smiley to just show everything was okay and he sent one back.

Later on he messaged me and then turned around and said the message wasn't supposed to go to me & that his iPhone was playing up. Which is a lie, he wasn't online talking to someone beforehand and went offline after messaging me, so why did he lie & make out it wasn't supposed to send to me? Is it to get back at me for the snapchat or what?
Why would a guy do this? Is he getting back at me?
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