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Does he like me more than friends with benefits?

I'm very confused with my current situation. I've been talking to this guy since November and we decided to meet up and because we've both been hurt before we don't fall easy. The night we met we ended up having sex, which I was fine with and the way we were talking before I was thinking a friends with benefits. So the next morning after we met he text me and said that he had a great time and he knew there would be another time etc. We text a little bit every day, he just got a new job with hours he isn't used to so I understand he's tired and everything. We are going to meet later today and he told me I could fall alsleep with him and cuddle and wake up and leave when he does for work. I just wonder if he likes me more than a friends with benefits , he's texted me first after the first night and has invited me to spend the night and cuddle with him. I've only had 1 friends with benefits before him and he never acted this way.
Does he like me more than friends with benefits?
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