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How long was your first real relationship?

By real relationship I mean the one where you guys said I love you and you went out together, maybe lived together... your first serious relationship, how long did it last? are you still with him/her?

I'm currently in my first real relationship and have been with him for a year and 5 months... I can't believe it's been this long already. When I first met him never would I have thought I would fall deeply in love with him, give him my virginity or even get an apartment with him. Things happen in mysterious ways... I'm truly hoping that I will marry him in a few years, I've even expressed to him that I feel that way... He's not quite there yet but he truly loves me, he says that we're still too new for that kind of step. But I'm hoping someday.

So what about your first loves? How long? What was it like?
How long was your first real relationship?
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