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Would you enjoy this foreplay?

Start with kissing, then neck kisses and licking/sucking. Hands in his hair then slowly go down his chest, suck and lick his nipples. Slowly move my hands down his tummy to his hips/upper things. Rub them lighty. Then lick/kiss his tummy all the way down to his navel. Kiss him there and play with your tongue. With my hands start touching/massaging his balls very gently. Then with my hands go over to his penis and start going up and down. Kiss and lick his inner thighs for a short time before the next step. Then start licking/kissing the top of his penis with my lips and tongue. Then start going up and down with your mouth. Go hard! but dont make him ***. Then stop, climb on him and ride him, his penis rubbing your vagina but not inside you yet, kiss his lips, then go back down, suck his penis just a little more, a little harder.
Now im done and its his turn.

What do you think? I want to do this to my boyfriend :) hope it will work on him? Any more ideas?
Would you enjoy this foreplay?
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