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Could my boyfriend have been raped?

My boyfriend's family took in an old high school friend to live with them because she was having some problems. (college student;lives at home) I heard a rumor another friend had seen them in the same bed moving under the covers. I told my boyfriend and he said that was impossible because he doesn't hang out with her alone and he'd never want to sleep with her. He confronts his friend about what he says have to be lies. People all tell him they're serious. He is confused as all hell so we confront the girl. Now, my boyfriend has been sick and taking medicine that knocks him out cold for hours at a time. She said that one of the days he was taking a nap in his bed, she crawled in with him and started rubbing herself against his thigh until he started getting hard. Then she said she slipped him out of his boxers and gave him a handjob for a little bit. He turned a little towards her so she thought it would be ok to slip her panties off and start getting it on with him there without using a condom. That's when the other friend saw things moving and heard her moaning a little bit. She said she went for a couple of minutes then stopped and set them both up normal and then decided to nap next to him with her now over the covers. She kept apologizing but when he got mad at her she said in the middle he'd started breathing heavy and that he pulled her a little closer so he would have had to have know what was going on and he must have been fine with it. He's recently scheduled himself for an std test. Now not only am I panicking over what went down and whether or not he could have woken up like she is now trying to say, but now we're panicking because she might be pregnant. She never used a condom when she did that, and my boyfriend is super careful when it comes to condom use. I am just so confused and don't even know what to think of this situation or how we're going to deal with this. His parents won't kick her out because she has nowhere else to go...
Could my boyfriend have been raped?
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