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Why are the guys who quickly call out a woman's bad behaviors generally hypocrites?

I don't hear too much of a man that is disgusted by poor behaviors some young women display because he isn't that way himself and applies having values and integrity to both genders. All I hear is article written by players who slept around or done other things bad themselves and they act like cops, talking bad about women doing the same thing. Yet, they tend surrounded by poor quality women in the end. I guess bad quality man gets bad quality woman and vice-versa.

For example this: www.returnofkings.com/.../most-women-dont-deserve-a-good-man

Yet this is a guy in his 40's that's more than likely single with no life at all.

Then this is what he wrote on the article:
“Why don’t you tell me I am beautiful?”

Let’s not even get into the women I personally have hooked up with over the years who were married or had boyfriends. That was something I did mostly in my 20’s and is not worth the hassle or risk these days, but I truly don’t think the average guy out there realizes what shady creatures women are by nature. I used to think it was just because we were young, and this is what young people do. Nope, because in my late 30’s it’s really not much different. As a matter of fact, a lot of these 30 something women are worse because their self-esteem is shot and they will do what it takes to get attention and feel like they are still desirable. Maybe a sext, maybe a blow job in the car, whatever it takes.
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Are there actually real decent man that would never settle for a woman like that not because of the double standard but because doesn't like those behaviors in neither gender?
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Personally, I'm disgusted he thinks most of gender is like that. I've only been with 1 bf and I'm nearly 27. And no I dislike men like that so he wouldn't get me. I ask for the same in return.
Why are the guys who quickly call out a woman's bad behaviors generally hypocrites?
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