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Guys, would you get turned on in this situation?

I'm sorry if this is too much detail, but I'm really curious. And I've tried to categorise it in the "sexuality" section.
I'm in my mid-twenties, and so was the guy I was with.
Basically he'd sometimes come and stay over at my house some nights, I guess you could say "friends with benefits". We never had sex, I am infact a virgin, but we got very close.
One night, we were making out, he started touching me, we were laying on the floor, and he removed all of my clothing except for just my singlet (no bra) and undies.
He was touching me through my undies and I became very aroused.
He ended up removing my undies, and started fondling me there, rubbing etc.
It was a little difficult on the floor, so I changed positions, moving to an arm chair, sitting on it, and lifting each leg up onto the arm rests in a leg spread position, a bit like stirrups, completely exposed.
He then continued to fondle me, and it soon turned into fingering.
It felt very good, I moaned quite a bit, but took ages to "come". I felt kind of bad for him, having to keep fingering me for so long, but he just kept going, he seemed very focused.
After what seemed like a very long time, of him crouching in between my legs, fingering me, I finally came... with a gush of fluids, and it was a lot too, it seemed like half a litre, but I could be wrong.
It was all over his hand and arm. He seemed amazed, and told me it was "really hot".
But I'm not sure if he said that to make me feel better about the event.
After all, he was crouching there for AGES, working away at trying to get me to come, he put a lot of vigorous energy into it.
Also, do you think we would have been disgusted by the "gush" at the end? (I'm a bit of a squirter).
I'm curious to know guys personal and honest opinions on this.
How would you feel/react in the same situation?
(sorry if I offended/disgusted anyone!)
Guys, would you get turned on in this situation?
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