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I think I put poop on his P****?

My friends with benefits and I hooked up today. Unfortunately I also had a flare up of my ibs (irritable bowel syndrome). This is going to be gross and tmi so my apologies in advance

With my flare up my stool gets very loose even after wiping (baby wipes and toilet paper) then showering and rinsing my area with the detachable shower head there was still some inside because my stool was so watery. So if I was to wipe again there would be some on the paper.
When I hooked up withmy friends with benefits he had a habit of humping me doggy style to mimic anal sex. He wears his boxers so there's no actual penetration. He took me by surprise by doing that today! Because he grabbed both cheeks the tip of his penis did enter my anus which usually isn't a problem except today. I don't know for certain if any poop got on his boxers or not but I was super embarassed by the thought. I hope he doesn't think I'm dirty or something I usually shower like 3 times a day I'm really quite obsessive about being clean. Am I being paranoid? If you where a guy would you be disgusted by this?
I think I put poop on his P****?
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