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Should I give it a shot or no? wait? help? We grew up..?

Well my ex-boyfriend David we dated for 3 years we were crazy about each other. I took his virginity. but our feelings were to strong for our age. We were to immature to have the feelings we did. So we ended up hurting each other. Broke up. He went with someone else fell for her but stayed in love with me as well. I dated but most were assholes. He slept with 2 girls after me. I slept with 2 guys. I just can't get him off my mind. I haven't seen him for about a year no contact. He has been in boot camp. He gets out this June. I hear he's writing his second love. But before he went in, I told him I was sorry for everything. He seemed to think on it. Usually he talks mass crap about me because he's hurt I get it. Even when we were together. We would break up but we could never stay away from each other. He has told a few people he's coming to find me when he gets out and wants to see if things will work. I just feel that's who I should be with. I know he's my soul mate. I know I love him and he still loves me. But the question is should I wait on him? see if he does come? or hang it up?
Should I give it a shot or no? wait? help? We grew up..?
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