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Is my friends with benefits getting jealous?

So last night we all went out clubbing, he wasn't drinking. I got really drunk & I was a bit flirty with some of the guys including some of his friends though all was innocent, I knew who I wanted to spend the night with. Anyways he says he's leaving as he's pissed off, he only said this to me but to everyone else it was because he had work in the morning. Anyways I message him & I end up going to his, during that time my phone wouldn't stop going off and while waiting for my lift he would be reading my messages, asking who it was & what they were saying blah, blah. I showed him as it didn't bother me. He then started bragging about the girls he was speaking too, in what seemed a way to make me jealous though it didn't work.

It's not the first time it has happened. His best friend asked me out on a date which I ended up telling him about as I felt awkward as his mate didn't know about us as we're keeping it hush hush. He made out he didn't care but he wouldn't stop going on about it. Another time I was going out on a date with another one of our mates & he said that I could do & deserve so much better then him & then told me I should be aiming 8's and about & then classed himself as a 8! Yet he tells me I should go out & **** other guys. So I'm confused is he jealous? If so why? & then why tell me to go with other guys?
Is my friends with benefits getting jealous?
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