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Tips for a woman to be better in bed?

Okay well my ex and I broke up and blah blah and so then we just became friends with benefits right, and he always initiates the time we have sex because he works and sometimes isn't in the mood and what not. So whenever we do and stuff he always wants me on top and I like being in control and everything but I just don't know if I'm actually good. I have had sex with him plenty of times and so I would think I'd be good but I don't know if I am. My bed is too bouncy for on top and we don't get anywhere, really, so we do it like he's sitting and that works and I like to make small grinding motions while going up and down and I don't know if he likes it, and some moves we've tried while on top hurts him a little and he gives suggestions but they're unclear and I don't understand what the hell he's saying haha, and he just pushes it aside and kisses me and blah blah. And I'm not on top for too long after maybe a minute or like 5 he'll want to be on top, which is fine but it makes me feel like I am bad, maybe I am ha. But then after that he'd want me to be on top again. Yeah so any tips on how to practice, without using him (or another person), or some techniques and motions and what not? How do I feel more confident and sexy when I'm doing it. I don't want to fake moan or anything so any tips?
Tips for a woman to be better in bed?
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