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These are scams right? Or viruses?

Ok, so, I was doing an application and talking to a friend online. All of a sudden I get another tab in the tabs at the top, something about an FBI warning or some shit. I heard it was a scam and could lead to a virus! Is this true or is it for real? I know most of the things like that are just nasty viruses and are fake. Please explain to me what this is. It said that a have been accused of watching P*rnography and rape. Well, for starters, I have never raped anybody and I thought it was legal to watch p*rn if over 18. Im 19 and have not been watching it. Can someone explain what this is about? Is it the FBI or is it someone trying to get your info? Thanks. Also, can you actually get arrested for watching p*rn? Because thats what I was accused of.
Its just a nasty virus, ignore it.
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Its the FBI ignore it.
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I get this sometimes too and its all fake.
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I kinda figured it was fake but I just wanted to be sure
These are scams right? Or viruses?
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