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Guy is dating a crazy slutty woman? 10 points?

I know this man. He is a jerk, flirt and a womanizer. recently divorced. he's is a millionaire. and very famous athlete.

He is dating a 37 year old with 3 kids who is also divorced. Remarkably he gave up the custody of his own 6 year old daughter and now does not do much for his daughter, but is happily dating a woman with 3 sons.
This woman he's dating is a complete **** and very bitchy. She even looks like a **** and wears low cut tops and red lipstick all the time.

She is verbally abusive to all those people who do not trust or believe her that she's his girlfriend. On top of it she even came on Twitter and fought with all his fans, saying even if she's a 'sidehoe' there are 3 million 'bitches' wanting to be her.
Wherever she goes, she tells everyone she is his girlfriend. After that Twitter fiasco, he took her off Twitter because she was ruining his image but still didn't leave her.
She kept posting her selfies and tweeting sexual innuendos to him on Twitter and favoriting all tweets saying she's his gf.

He didn't admit for a long time but yesterday he kissed her publicly at his show, and her cousin also put up him kissing her video on instagram and Twitter.
He even sends her expensive shoes and takes her on holidays.
She has no work but brags on Facebook and instagram about him and their relationship as she's 16 with her first boyfriend.

What type man is he who dates such women? He left his family and fans and openly acknowledged her as his gf? such a woman who is so gold digging and cheap?
Guy is dating a crazy slutty woman? 10 points?
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