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Should I worry about my girl and cheating with a woman?

When I got with my girlfriend she always wanted to sleep with a woman to see what it was like. I told her she should have done it when she was single and unless I at least get to watch no way. She said there's no way she would even want me in the same house so I said then if she does sleep with a woman that's cheating and we are done. It went away for a while but then she wanted to find some friends (she seriously has none) I said that's fine but if you are doing this to sleep with one behind my back don't even try.

Well I pretended to be a female responding to her add. We talked and it didn't take long until she asked me if things grew if I would be opposed to a friends with benefits situation. She also Wenger to say my boyfriend had a problem with me doing this and I told him I was just looking for friends only so if we advance it needs to be on the dl.

Well I lost it and sent her a text saying I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that she was up to something and if she wanted to make me feel better tell me I'm crazy. She didn't and told me about the whole thing.

She has since not brought it up and said she rethought three whole situation and didn't even think she would enjoy it. Mainly because she can't stand the way pussy tastes. She assured me I don't need to worry about her hooking up with a woman but I don't know. Should I believe her or keep my guard up?
Should I worry about my girl and cheating with a woman?
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