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Should women get a say in men's reproductive freedoms?

First off, this is AndyWes, I'm asking anonymously so anyone I've blocked or blocked me can answer.

Question. We as a society pretty much believe that men should have no real say so if a woman aborts his child or not. Because that's her, that's her reproductive freedom.

Is it anyone's business if a man chooses to pay child support or not to a woman who bares his child? After all, women are free to give up children for adoption even without the father's say, and even if women fail to responsibly use contraceptives, there is no shame in getting an abortion.

So if a man fails to use contraceptives properly, should he be "punished with a baby", as President Obama put it when discussing reproductive freedom? After all, women have complete freedom over themselves, to use contraceptives or not, to have an abortion or not. So shouldn't men have similar reproductive freedom, to use contraceptives or not, to pay for a child or not?

Now, I know some replies will probably be short, just outraged insults. I realize that. However, I have high hopes that intelligent people will reply with logic and reason, why or why not. After all, we know that giving an outraged insult proves nothing, while a logical and reasonable answer is always respected.

Remember, it's part of the Constitution, that all people are treated equally under the law. We cannot legally treat men differently than women, all must be treated equally in all areas of law.
Women should not have a say in men's freedom.
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Women should have a say in men's freedom.
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Women should have a say in men's reproductive freedom, but men have no say in women's.
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Men should have a say in women's freedom, but women have no say in men's.
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Also, fun fact. In the United States, women convicted of rape can and do sue their victims for child support when the rape resulted in pregnancy.

How's that for justice?
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Another fun fact about equality in the USA. jonathanturley.org/.../ Woman inseminated herself after bj, man pays child support.
Should women get a say in men's reproductive freedoms?
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