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She is just an overly friendly person right?

We`ve been friends 6 years. She`s in a happy relationship of 4years. She's friendly and can be touchy at times. A Month ago I was at the school gym working out and She waiting outside and she blew me kisses and texts "your so cute".

That night I text her and said "your the best friend I could ever had and I know guys don't like hearing this but I had to tell you:)." We were at the mall a few weeks back and had us take a picture together.

Every time I post a link, photo or status she likes it. She also asks often about my love life.I posted a photo of myself on instagram last night and she comments "cutie;p" Last week she Imentioned I bought condoms and she mentioned how she uses birth control and that if she was going to cheat she'd use a condom.

Monday I reposted a pic of us that I accidently deleted and she commented she's hurt I deleted it. I commented I would never delete it and she said good with a bunch of hearts. Yesterday She took a picture of me and put it on her instagram page.
She is just an overly friendly person right?
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