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Friends with benefits but in love? What is this?

So I've had friends with benefits before. actually I've only had one real relationship in my 23 years and that one started as friends with benefits . my benefits are more limited meaning we dont get to the point of sex but more like a bro-sismance. hugging cuddling, holding hands and kissing. It was because i love affection and friendship but im picky about relationships and i want to be sure itll work. when i do get into an actual relationship i put my all into it so i want to be sure we are compatible. none of my friends with benefits were compatible with me relationship ltr wise. So I kept the free and easy affectionate romantic but open friendships. I'm very open and honest and understanding if feelings develop and we need to stop. We can love eachother but if it becomes a painful attachment, we slowly stop, ween ourselves out of it. The past year my friends with benefits things have been more sexual, yet while still maintaining my virginity. i love all of them as friends, but nothing more really. however one of them i think im in love with. He knows we are temporary but he is in love with me. When he first fell for me he was sad and anxious about us being temporary. he even wore a wedding ring once to keep other girls away. at the time i was suppressing my emotions and panicked a bit and pushed him away. i was afraid of my emotions and afraid of his. i said we had to stop. he accepted it, as he basically had put us in my hands. then he contacted me and said he missed me, even just as a friend and he had basically accepted the fact we would never be in a relationship. so we started seeing eachother again. and i felt safe enough to let my emotions go. we both are very open and honest about our emotions. we are both in love. but we are not exclusive. He is not relationship material for me. But I love him. What are we?
Friends with benefits but in love? What is this?
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