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How to deal with your significant others past?

So I found out my so's past...not that I wanted to she told me. She's had three abortions, slept with 18 guys before me, cheated on 10 of them, had a threesome with two guys, have oral sex to who knows how many guys she guesses 30 plus and had hpv.

And then confesses she have an ex a little kiss on the lips when we were together (out of habit she said they just broke before I came along) swapped massages with a different ex, went to an exes house and he was changing in an open area and she saw him naked, the same ex asked for head later that visit, she met an ex for lunch a few times behind my back, had an ex over to our apartment behind my back (that she he hit on her the whole time he was there) and had another ex grabbing her ass trying to get her into bed and she told him no.

She swears that's all that happened but my head is spinning how to I deal with all that? She said she never cheated, the massages were fully clothed (with the guy she say naked) and she regretted the kiss as soon as it happened. How to I deal with finding all this out?
How to deal with your significant others past?
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