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Should I take her back, or walk away. *Please Help*

Ok so I will try to make this as short as possible. Thank you for those who are going to read/respond. :)

Ok so my Fiance and I have had a rocky road but we love each other very very much. She is everything to me and I do not doubt that I am not everything to her. So with that being said here is the problem. We have lied to each other many times in the past and it keeps going back and forth with "tit for tat" bull%*#$. We took a break for a four months ago and I thought we were never going to get back together. Since she dumped me, I was upset so I started talking to other women. I did not have sex with anyone, just texted and kik. She wanted to get back with me and I told her no, and told her I was moving on and I kind of rubbed it in her face that I was talking to other women because honestly at that point I didn't care. I wanted her to feel bad.

Flash forward a month, I take her back and we are very happy again. She leaves for boot camp and I find out that one we got back together she was skyping a guy that she use to hang out with and kind of grew very strong emotional friendship feelings for. Every time we fight she goes to him. I got on her kik and sent him a message, and he was trying to Skype some more. He even asked for a full body nude picture. *I know he hasn't gotten one yet*.

So I sent her some really dirty letters while she's at boot about how I can never trust her again, blah blah blah. Save you some of those details but she replies that "I was talking to other girls and it was just a boring Skype convo and a few snapchat pictures. I can not tell her who she can and can't be friends with"

So I'm at a loss, I honestly don't know what to do and how to deal with this. If I protest it will just send her further away. If I let it go it will just and love her and praise future good behavior she might lie to me more about him or other men.

Thanks for reading, thoughts?
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Oh yea I forgot to mention. She didn't bother to mention that she was skyping him. I had to find that out.
Should I take her back, or walk away. *Please Help*
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