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How to get my ex-boyfriend back?

So, we broke up for 5 months ago because he was moving away and we had a lot , a lot of discussions of this, and all the sudden he got a panic attack in his head and we broke up. But then 3 weeks after we broke up he contacted me to see how I were, what I have been doing, etc. For me I thought it was really strange, but then he had a birthdayparty in march and he invited me. One thing that was really strange is that right when I come in the door and I talked to some of his friends, I notice someone is holding me by the waist and it was him, and then we are talking and all the sudden I notice we are holding hands, but I removed immediately just because I didn't want to get more confused. That night we ended in bed together and sleeping together to the next day, but the whole experience with him, it was so many emotions, so romantic and so much love. He kissed my forehead, we were just over all each other all night, and during that night there was several times he kissed my forehead and while I was half asleep he kissed my lips. Since then we have been talking everyday just about our day, etc. So I just wonder what does he feel, what he wants, and how do we or I get him to being my boyfriend again even though he kind of feels like my boyfriend again. Help please, thank you.
How to get my ex-boyfriend back?
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