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I can't get this off my head, am I oversensitive or is this normal?

So I am 22 and never have been into dating thing, though I had affairs but they were close to nothing.I am attractive but never have been the player and due to my introvertness am mostly ok with my behavior.but from last year there was literally no girl in my life and I was so depressed that I felt that i can't make a gf.
that time i found a girl who's 4 years older than me, we got very close and started liking me though she is married but her husband doesn't care much about her.its a long distance relationship.one day she told me that she had one night stand with some other guy at a bar and she even gave her a blowjob, though it was about a month ago of our meeting.it really pissed me off and i sometimes wonders that what a slut have i met.she tells me that she loves sex and I feel from her talking behavior that she can chose anonymous sex even after in a relationship, she told the ONS thing like she's ashamed of it but somehow i also felt like she was craving for it and totally enjoyed it.she also told that the guy was extremely good looking.my heart really gets a burn whenever i thinks about it because am not type of person that can chose random sex for enjoyment.so my question is that is it weird to think that way and should i keep my relationship with her because its also nearly not possible that we can meet within a year and am also graduating this summer and meeting new girl will increase by tenfolds.so people please help me on this.
I can't get this off my head, am I oversensitive or is this normal?
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