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He's mad I don't just "give it to him"...?

I am a 23 year old inexperienced virgin, who would prefer to know that I'm going to spend the rest of my life w/ the guy before losing it.

My boyfriend of 4 months doesn't understand that apparently...I told him pretty much right away after dating that he was my first boyfriend ever & I am completely new at everything & about wanting to wait. He told me "I won't do anything until I get a ring on that finger & even then, we'll take it slow."

Well...2 weeks ago he tried twice & I got super scared & I ran & hid. Don't getthe wrong idea...we do do other stuff like oral & fingering. We talked about what happened & he brings up how he still has to "beg" me to suck his dick. Personally I still feel uncomfortable doing it. Apparently 4 months in, I should just yank down his pants & suck away? Any other guys like that? (All of you? :[ )

I kind of figured he'd maybe have more patience, but I guess when guys get excited...they get pretty friggin excited...

What can I do? :(
He's mad I don't just "give it to him"...?
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