How can I please my boyfriend more in bed ?

feel free to give me as much detail as possible because lately I've been feeling the need to just please him & I need some ideas so feel free to let loose [;


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  • Just be really enthused about everything you're doing and be open to his suggestions. Make sure to give him good head beforehand and try getting him to go down on you too. 69 is excellent because both are in the best possible positions. Surely this will turn you both on so much and that's sure to please him. Good oral is the best prep for having sex. Oh, and don't forget to dress hot and sexy the way he's always complementing you on.


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  • Dress sexy (Lingerie, thong, high heels, bright lipsticks and nail polish).

    Right ambience: low light, sometimes mirrors, girly magazines.

    Enjoy sex yourself first before you can please. Moan while enjoying it. Move the way it pleases you. Talk dirty.

    Master bj. This is most important.

    Try different positions.

    Look into his eyes.

  • I guess, you have limited experience, does he?

    I would suggest role playing, or adding games to the mix..Strip poker.

    My X loved to tease...she would kiss and suck on my man hood, but never finish. She would do it like 4-5 times then let me finish. I would do the same to her when doing oral.

  • Simple reallly jus suk his balls


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  • Try giving him a b.j right after you've been sucking on a mint,or alternate having a warm and cold drink in your mouth and doing it.

    Wear seriously sexy underwear and limit what he's allowed to do to you while you get him off.

    Actually,just wear kinky underwear is always appreciated,

    Let him "catch" you doing a bit of d.i.y and get him to join in

    Use stuff like whipped cream,toffee sauce whatevers your thing.

    Put an icecube between your lips and run it all over him,and vice versa.

    Make your own porn whatever he's into

    Give him a whole night of doing exactly what he asks for.

    Make your own sex coupons

    Give him a b.j,get close to cumming,then stop,repeat a few times till he's begging you then let him cum-same thing with sex.

    Aniticipation-text him naughty little texts(pics?) all day telling him what you want to do to him and then do it as soon as he gets in.

    Give him effort-free sex and let him go to sleep after lol

  • Role playing is god. Also there's different kinds of methods on doing a BJ like deep throating or 69. Threesome

  • threesomes or suck on his balls and while you suck on his balls give him a hand job