Does sperm die right after it touches oxygen? I need help!!

OK well I had done something that I am super scared of OK well I gave my boyfriend a blowjob then he jizzed in my mouth and then we made out then he licked my vagina... we did this three times and I know the sperm touched the oxygen but how long does it take for the sperm to die and am I gonna get pregnant?


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  • -In good circumstances (like in a vagina) sperm lives a day or three.

    Your saliva probably killed it (saliva helps to predigest food) Otherwise his or the oxygen killed it.

    -The possibility of sperm surviving your saliva, his saliva, oxygen and getting in your vagina and then making the trip all the way up to your uterus is not zero but as near to zero as possible.

    -I don't think you'll get pregnant if it happened the way you described it.

    Take a test, 14 days after. (if you take the test too early there can be false negative results)

    btw, the word used to describe what you did is 'snowballing'

  • Your question has been answered here: link

    But the immediate answer to your question is NO. Sperm does not immediately die when exposed to oxygen, and can live for up to 5 days inside the vagina.


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