Girls' opinion of the foreskin?

like? dislike? remove? keep?


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  • don't care, just keep it clean.

  • Keep. Especially at your age, when it is more painful and prone to complications. My boyfriend is natural and I think he's perfect. It's the way God made you; any woman who can't accept you in your natural, unmutilated state, isn't worth your time.


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  • Dude, I know you'd probably rather hear from a hoard of chicks about how hot they think uncut guys are, but trust me, I sounded like you when I was your age because I was insecure about being in the minority in the USA. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT getting a circumcision. Even the most basic research will show you that it's completely medically unnecessary except in bizarre cases - which your doctor will point out for you.

    That said, the idea of you getting circumcised at your age for cosmetic reasons is insane. I'm guessing you're still a virgin because all I can say is once I started having sex regularly I thanked my lucky stars I was uncut. The idea of having the head of my penis so dulled that it could be out and rubbing against anything at any given time still makes me shudder.

    What I'm trying to say is: appreciate what you have. A woman who is going to sleep with you anyway isn't going to change her mind when she finds out one way or the other about your penis.