What is the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

OMG need details! Don't be shy! Tell Everything! :)

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  • well.. one day not so long ago, I went out with this guy out to the beach and had a drink walked around for a bit. he then picked me up put me on the picnic table and started kissing me he then pushed me back on the picnic table and started going down on me..

    then he picked me up and f***ed me against the big dumpster. (it was pretty trashy)

    Then a cop pulled up so my naked ass was sitting in the porta potty lol because its a small town and I knew all the cops.

    So then we layed down on a blanket he had brought and snuggled for a bit till we got all crazy horny again and he f***ed me so hard from behind I lost an earring. (I was so bummed because I had just ogtten those ones too)

    Then we panicked thinking his wife would ifnd one of them in their car. but no. he found it a couple weeks later when he was doing laundry. never got it back though

    then the third time we did it that night I rode him half standing half kneeling while he watched it go in and out. it was pretty amazing.


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  • The kinkiest thing I have ever done was...

    I sat on a love seat in an older gentleman's living room, while across from me, he sat along with my girlfriend at the time on the matching sofa.

    We all had margaritas and we had a porn playing on his big screen. We watched the porn together for a while but eventually it was no match for the show that went on on that couch.

    The kinkiest thing I ever did was watch as this older gentleman, (he was in his mid to late fifties she was barely 29)

    massaged my girlfriends back as she watched the porn. He progressed from her back to her breasts and within a short time had exposed them. He eventually managed to get them into his mouth. It wasn't long before they were deep tongue kissing and shortly after that her head was in his lap as she performed fellatio on him.

    Eventually they stripped naked and he led her to his bedroom and onto his bed, I still fully clothed pulled up a chair and watched from the bedside as this gentleman had his way with my darling girl. They did everything except anal that night.

    So I am not sure what is kinkier, the fact that I watched another man have sex with my girl, or the fact that I set it up, that fact that it was my idea, my fantasy and that she subjected herself only to please me, the fact that I didn't lay a finger on her the whole time, I only watched everything take place... Until I got her home, or the fact that I went down on her with reckless abandon after another man had only less than an hour ago been inside of her. (for the record, he did not ejaculate inside her, he spilled himself on her chest face an mouth). I leave it to you to decide what was the kinkiest.

    Anyway, that was only one of many experiences but for some reason that one stands out in my mind. Hope you enjoy and feel free to reach me if you'd like to hear more.

  • I went down on my girlfriend in a movie theater (she wore a skirt, no panties), ate her to orgasm while fingering her butt and covering her mouth. There was no one else in the theater but I was VERY nervous of being caught by someone walking in or hearing us.


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  • Many moons ago I worked at an ocean resort. I was like 17. The resort managers were a young married couple and had many of their friends them. Anyway, one night we took shrooms and we had an orgy. We would take turns with one another - girl on girl, guy on guy, girl and guy, two or more, three or more - you name it we did it. We did in the sauna, the pool, the pool table, front office, everything!