How do I teach a guy to kiss?

I'm dating this guy and I'm only his second kiss. Bluntly, he sucks at it from lack of experience. How do I better him at it and how would I take it further than kissing? I've heard many of horror stories about a guy giving away his V-card.


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  • Horror stories about a guy giving away his v-card? Most v-guys I know would lose it to any girl with a pulse, without thought and without regret.

    How to teach a guy to kiss? The way you correct a partner generally: positive rather than negative, you rather than him.

    Bad example: "Your kissing sucks! You use too much tongue, and you drool."

    Good example: "I like my kisses dry, with just the tip of the tongue on the lips."

    • That's another thing, I'm afraid that's what he's wanting. But my best guy friend is the one that introduced us, and he wouldn't pair me up with a guy that'd break my heart. Make sense? And I've just heard stuff like them shooting it before it's even in.

      Pardon the possible hard to understand lingo. I can only type certain things because I'm under 18, just had a post deleted because of it. Lol.

    • Bad news: most people kiss like they f*ck.

      Good news: Both can be fixed.

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