Girls.....What size (length & girth) is good for you?

My size is 7 in length and almost 7 in girth...


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  • 7 girth...


    find ur self a real loose one.

    good luck with ur "7in wide" penis.

    BTW size doesn't matter.

    you could have the biggest fattest d*** in the world.

    if you don't know how to use's just going to get in the way...

    what are you trying to prove anyway by giving ur size description.


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  • dude its got nothing to do with size as much as how you use it

  • Ladies... this man was plucked from a sequoia forest. 7" girth? Go blow yourself and your ego.

    • My thoughts exactly. I just don't know where these ignorant morons come from, and what the hell are they trying to prove ? He must be pounding his pud as he types that S***

    • 7 inch girth which means around not width....

    • I mean I am pretty well put together, but c'mon.. An advise site to make some girl digitally drool?? When in reality, he's just making himself look stupid. It's okay bro with the 7" girth at 1145pm on a Thursday night.. go rub your d*** on that piece of felt you call your girlfriend.