Foreign girls vs. American girls?

For those of you who has the chance to date foreign girls who were not raised in the US and American born and raised girls - did you notice any major differences between the two?


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  • I've dated a girl from India (as in the country, not a Native American) that felt "American" girls were basically prostitutes in disguise. When I asked her to elaborate, she just thought that I didn't believe her or maybe felt that she had some personal issues against American girls from her past and felt that way. So she handed me a book called "The Manipulated Man" by Esther Vilar.

    Here is a free PDF copy of the book (in compliance with copyright & trademark laws):


    After I read through the book, she asked me how I felt. I told her that it was a waste of my time. It's nothing that guys don't already know. The female author made a major assumption that guys have no idea, but that's excused because she can't really tap into the male mind as a woman.

    At the end of the day, every woman has the same needs and wants that they're looking to find a man so that he can satisfy them.

    The only real difference is how each one goes about doing so. I don't think it has anything to do with American vs. Foreign. Though foreign girls do have more respect for men as people, whereas in America, it's sort of a social norm and acceptable to ignore the needs and wants of men, make fun of men, or laugh at violence against men by a child or a woman. So I guess it logically follows that the "environment" those women grow up in plays a larger role on their behavior than the actual women themselves.

    For example:

    All my American-raised exes (except for one, both because she wasn't like them & because we're not really exes) felt a sense of entitlement, like a guy owed it to them to take care of them, pay attention to them, pay for her stuff, take her on dates, do things for her, chase her, beg her for her attention and approval, etc. They were all very up-front with what they wanted, (not that there's anything bad about wanting a relationship, love, marriage, money or material things). But when they didn't get what they wanted, or when they met a guy who just didn't want the same things; they would get angry, and try to change him into a guy who would not want things she didn't want, and want things that she wanted.

    All my European-raised exes (and my Indian-raised ex) were totally different. They were almost like guys, in the sense that they were responsible and independent, open and honest about their sexuality. But they were still feminine in the way they talked, dressed and behaved. They still wanted the same things that American-raised women wanted, but they wouldn't get angry or upset when the guy they met didn't want the same things, or wanted something different. They didn't try to change the guy; making him feel bad for something she didn't want, and good for something she also wanted. And there was just a lot more respect for the guy, as a person and human being, rather than emotional/financial slave whose purpose in life is to serve all her relationship needs, while ignoring his. Just more respect.

    • Thank you for your very detailed answer. So from your experience now - do you tend to gravitate more toward foreign women since it seems that the chances of getting a woman who respects you more is in a foreign woman than American or you just go with the flow?

    • Like I said, it has more to do with environment than the woman. I met an amazing girl from North Carolina that was NOTHING like the girls I've dated that were born & raised in New York. She was, and still is, an angel and a saint in every sense of the word. Assuming that I'd want to find s/o else; I don't really look at WHERE s/o is from, so much as WHO that "person" IS. I'd gravitate to s/o who respects me, more than s/o who was born & raised outside America.

  • There are usually some cultural differences that will occur (it's just the way different countries are) like having differences in what you define as personal space and what you think etiquette entails. I always love the little anomalies that occur when two cultures meet and the differences make funny situations happen. They may also have a bit of an accent, but that's just exotic.


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