Girls, if you're having a three way with two guys, would you like the guys to play with each other too?

Or would you like them to just focus on you?

What, if anything, would you like them to do to each other?


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  • well I would want them to play with each other to that would be so hot heck we'll focus on one person at a time but I would love to see two bi naked guys kissing omg that's like a fantasy of mine to see this happen, but I wouldn't mind jumping in either, long as were all getting off I'm great , I wanna see them f***ing, and kissing ,and jacking each other off, and just romaing and terasing each others body, it would be a wonderful sight


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  • Nope, all attention on me, please! I'm not homophobic in any way, shape, or form, but if I'm going to sleep with two guys, I don't want to worry about whether they're fantasizing about me or each other.

  • Having two guys is a fantasy of mine, and has always been my number one fantasy. As far as them touching each other, that would be so hot, as long as the main focus was still me. Would not like to see them doing a lot of kissing, and probably no anal sex between them. Would love to perform oral sex on one of them and have the other guy join me in offering the pleasure. That would just blow me away. Punn intended! lol...

  • In the incredibly unlike event that I would ever do something like this I'd want all the attention to be on me and I wouldn't even want them to touch each other at all. Gay guys are great, bi guys are great, but I don't want to see anything more than them cuddling. If they're kissing like at a party or something that fine too but I wouldn't want a guy to kiss another guy and then kiss me.


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