Why do guys get "morning wood"?

Many of the guys I've dated wake up with morning wood... lol. some times, not always? I'm so curious! How does it happen? Why does it happen? And why are some guys embarrassed about it, it's normal right?


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  • Its not only in the morning during sleep a guy will get an erection several times. One of the tests for impotancy is to check for nocturnal erections to distinguish it from psychological causes.

    Yes it is normal, it happens deal with it, it might be embarrasing becasue we have no control over it, it just happens, it has nothing to do with arousal.

    • These erections are also associated with an increase in heart rate. It isn’t known for sure if the erections are a result of the other physiological changes, more research is required. One guess is that these erections are the bodies way of making sure everything is in good working order.

      Another reason for this is that around midnight, your testosterone level begins to rise and reaches a peak between 5 A.M. and 8 A.M.

      Another researchers view on the subject

    • Just wish my man didn't feel like he had to hide it though! Nothing to be ashamed of! Poor guy!

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    • Ok so now I have a definition! I was kind of wanting to know why? lol

    • Dr Etienne Kok, an Andrologist from the University of Pretoria's Department of Urology.

      "It is theorised that nocturnal erections occur for the maintenance of the cavernous tissue in the penis. The cavernous tissue, responsible for an erection, is oxygenised during an erection. Nocturnal erections are thus necessary for keeping the penis healthy and able to become erect when a man is sexually aroused in the conscious state,"

      only a theory

    • Even better... thanks!

  • A couple of things. Our dreams, we could be thinking of sex. Our bladder. Or occasional rubbing by our significant other in the bed.

    • Amazing how the human body works huh! =)

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