Girls how would you dress up a guy like a girl for a day if he lost a bet with you?

i lost a bet with this girl that she could dress me for a day like a girl and I have to do whatever she says for that day. Girls what would you do to a guy if you were in this situation? need answers fast please


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  • I would make you shave all your pubes and your legs, then i;d bring you to a store where you would try on womans clothing for awhile. you would leave the store in drag.

    maybe id find you a boyfriend too, and have you see what its like being a real girl ... hehe


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  • All I want to know is what was the bet? lol I want to know if it's worth being dressed up as a girl for a day.

    • Man it was over a damn board game to see who was better at it and I got my ass kicked at it but if I would have won she had to keep my truck clean inside and out for 6 months and I go play in the mud all the time so thought it was worth it at the time didn't think I was going to lose at it so wasn't worried about what I would have to do but I screwed up and its gonna suck

    • Haha! I hope there is a video put up on the youtube to prove to the world not to mess with chicks and board games.