I heard girls don't like being on top because it's just not very pleasurable?

Is this true? I was just wondering, I'm a virgin


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  • Personally, I find being on top very pleasurable, but I'm sure it varies from woman to woman.

    I think the main reasons some girls don't like being on top are:

    1) You feel more exposed, which can be a problem if the girl is shy about her body.

    2) Not all girls are comfortable being "in control".

    3) It's more work.


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  • From every girl I've ever had relations of that sort with, they completely loved it. Its definitely pleasurable for a guy and from what I've seen, its very pleasurable for a girl.

    • I get what ur saying but girls fake liking things a lot of the time

    • Well then...jeez now your making me think about if they were faking it...I'm like 99% sure they weren't. I have a lot of friends (girls) that say when they do it, they love being on top.

    • Haha sorry man I didn't mean that

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  • Well I don't know about other girls but I really enjoy being on top. It let's me control the speed and depth that we do. I also really like being in control and every guy I have been with loves it too so it works great for me and my guy. Doggy style is my favorite position but cowgirl definitely comes in second place for me:)