How does it feel when a guy cums inside of you?

Good, bad, would you rather have somewhere else?


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What Girls Said 1

  • It's def good.. like he gets all tense b4hand and then when it happens, it's like this huge release and the pushing and everything, it just seems super intense and like this big relief for him... it feels super close :o)


What Guys Said 1

  • It feels real nice.

    Me and my boyfriend have amazing sexI! I usualy ride on top of him when he gets close to climax, and then I get off and he cums in a towel etc.

    But I have been really wondering. Expec since he's moved 5 hrs away for college and I see him once a month and every day on holidays, what it would be like for him to come inside me and I have been REALLY craving this feeling.

    What do you perfer for him to come in you? when your on top, or he is?

    I think I will try it when HE is on top, that way I can hold him in my arms.