Men what turns you on in bed?

I want to know what guys really like in bed. How do we drive you wild sexually? Do you like strip teases? Foot massages? Getting head while you drive? Public sex? Nipples licked? What do you like guys?

And have you ever fallen for a woman because she was great in the bedroom?

the above listed things are just examples of things what do your guys or you men enjoy more than anything else in the bedroom?


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  • From my experience, and what I've come to learn from my guy friends. Yes, they like strip teases. Foot massages, they like, but not in a sexual way so much. Getting head while driving is one that no guy has ever turned down, from the people I know. Public sex is exciting, as long as it's semi-private, like not right out in the open, most guys enjoy the thrill of it. I'm not so sure about nipple licking but soft biting has driven most of my guys crazy.


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  • Well I'm 17 and obviously at my age anything a girl does to me sexually turns me on,

    but about my girlfriend she wears these booty shorts, like tight ones and we'll be watching t.v laying down and she'll lay on me, not facing me, but in the 69 position, so I have a veiw.

    I LOVE looking at my girlfriends privates when they are covered with tight clothing especially up close like that, turns me right the f*** on.

  • it turns me on soooo quick when I can see her vagina or boobs when she's wearing tight clothes.

    basically what got this said


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