SAGITTARIUS MEN!! what do you want in the bedroom?

I'm aiming to please my sag the best way I can it seems to be working but I need tips and I don't want to keep asking him I want to surprise him also relationship wise.

dominate female

hard to get

kinky freaky tie you up

what gimme some feedback


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  • Maybe you should just ask him what he likes. What a novel idea, communication instead of relying on whack job mumbo jumbo.


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't base bedroom activity off of Astrology, believe me, I've studied Astrology extensively for 4 years, it has more to do with personality than it does with what you like sexually.

    Why don't you just ask the guy what he likes?

    Not all Sag's are created equal, the Archer may be the sun sign but your Ascendant is the marker for how you appear to the world, and then there's the planets and the houses and the transits...

    It's extremely complicated, don't take it on faith, take it with a grain of salt. It's like Tarot Cards, part probability, part magic(magic being that indescribable oomph), and part interpretation.

    Ask the guy what he's into, don't make assumptions off of what Astrology tells you.

    That's like saying all Scorpio's are possessive, jealous, sex Gods--it's a generalization. That's no Bueno.