Ladies: Are you a size queen?

I wonder how common it is. I hear about it, and I also hear about ladies who're reassuring us men about it.


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  • i don't choose a boyfriend based on the size of his magic wand. I choose a boyfriend based on how he treats me and makes me feel. Sex isn't the MAIN foundation in a relationship- so the size of a mans penis really shouldn't play a part in the end.

    In the end, if the man is a wonderful guy, he will know exactly how to drive his woman wild no matter what nature has or hasn't given him.


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  • I enjoy a decent size, but if you look at the whole picture the d*** size is just a small little detail. What really matters is if the guy knows how to seduce well, and that is a very rare quality.

  • Uhhh...what?

    • Do you like "big" guys....?

    • Oh OK. Well for me size seriously doesn't matter, I just hope you know how to use it. I've been with small and big and really the small sucked because it was about them not because of their cocks. The big one (aka my bf) feels great only because its about me too. Though big, yeah it hurts a lot sometimes. :(

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  • Are you asking if they are fat?

    • No, a size queen is a girl or woman who prefers large.... male members.

    • Oh, well, I don't associate myself with faggots and lesbians where that term apparently first originated so I had never heard of it.

    • Lol, you only have a problem with Gay men?