Men and women over 35: Pubic hair on women.

Seems like all the young ones here idealize women's p***** looking like super-size newborns. I rather prefer a patch of hair down below with some thought given to it. Other opinions?


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  • more like no hair just a playboy line ...

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    • Ha! It just gets in the way of what I want. That's how I look at it.

    • I studied a bit of med and it is more hygenic when a woman leaves a bit of hair because it can trap the bacteria etc etc and not get inside. That is the reason why some women have white fluids or smell a bit funny. It is recommended by the gynecologist, too long is bad as well :)

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  • I really have no personal preference, some women look good shaved, some look good trimmed, and some look good with an all out bush, it just kinda depends, but I will say that virtually all modern p*rn has shaved women.

  • I like my wife clean shaven

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